Bernini´s Sculptures

If Gian Lorenzo Bernini was an artist in some other city than Rome, his works would have most likely become the top attraction of it. Like this, in case of short term visit to Rome, he can very easily be disregarded by tourists opting instead to visit the Vatican, antique ruins, Michelangelo’s works and so on on…the list of attractions in Rome is immense.

However, if you are fond of sculptures, do not miss the chance to visit the beautiful masterpieces of this Italian baroque sculptor scattered across Rome. Many of them like the Fountain of Four Rivers on Piazza Navona represent ornaments to some of the popular spots of the city. If you want to see a collection of them, visit Galleria Borghese where you need to book your ticket in advance. You can enjoy this visit together with a walk through the lovely Villa Borghese park where the gallery is situated. If you are by chance in Rome the first Sunday of the month, you can also profit from the free entrance, but you still need to make a reservation (it is possible over the phone), but for this day, you should do it two months before.

My absolute favourite in the Gallery is the Abduction of Persephone that you can see on the photo, just look at the interaction of the hand and thigh, amazing.

fotor_(20) (1)

Abduction of Persephone


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