Shanghai Baby Top 3

After Xian, we headed to Shanghai. It is a city where you will instantly feel a different, more western vibe. It did not greet us with nice weather, but we have still managed to enjoy our stay there.

One of the things you must do while there is to enjoy its night view. Pudong area with its modern lighted skyscrapers is the best area to do it. You can go to the bar of the Hyatt hotel on the 87th floor but take into account that the minimum consumption is 150 RMB. Since I have been in several panoramic bars that were far better, I am still not sure if it is worth it. But the night view of Shanghai is a must and you can also enjoy it on the foot while taking a stroll by the river. From te modern Pudong on the one side to the classical European architecture of the Bund on the other side, Shanghai has it all.

Pudong Skyscrapers


Shanghai Night View

Pudong Day View

The second best thing that you can do in Shanghai is  visit the beautiful Yuyuan Gardens. The rain stopped us from exploring them in detail, but overall impression was that I would like to visit them again one day. Close to the gardens you can find a big market area with lots of nice shops where you can take care of your souvenirs. On our way to the gardens, we have also made a stop at the Shanghai Museum. It is quite big, but very well organized so it will not make you tired. There you will find a bit of everything: Chinese clothing, furniture, calligraphy, ceramics, silk road coins, paintings, sculpture and of course the inevitable jade.

Yuyuan Gardens



In Shanghai Museum

The third best thing that you should do in Shanghai is to visit their acrobatics show. It lasts 1,5 h and is composed of app. 10 different acts, they are all very different and very impressive, the ticket of 180 RMB was definitively worth it.

 Shanghai Acrobatics Show




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