Guomao, Ritan Park, Zhihua Temple

On our way to Ritan park, we have passed the modern neighbourhood of Beijing – Guomao. It could be best described as Beijing Manhattan due to the toll and modern buildings that cover it. There are many interesting architectural landmarks to see here and I advise you tome come here in the night. I am sure that CCTV (Chinese television)  as one of those landmarks looks far more impressive in her night gown, but even in the daytime it is stunning.

CCTV Building

Some Nice Shopping Mall

And then finally we have arrived to Ritan Park. If you love Summer Palace, I am pretty much sure that you will love Ritan park as well because so many corners of it reminded me of it.

Ritan Park




The biggest similarity in my opinion is the stone boat in Ritan park that can be compared to the marble boat in the Summer Palace. It functions as a café where you can get some snacks (spring roles were out but at least they had quite nice fries) and drinks and also enjoy the beautiful view.

Stone Boat Café


After refreshing ourselves in the park, we have decided to visit another nearby attraction Zhihua Temple. On our way there we have also found a Russian neighbourhood with so many big Russian stores and even Chinese that speak Russian.

Russian Shopping Mall

Zhihua Temple was quite hidden and it is surrounded by not so attractive hutong. Of course, after seeing the Lama Temple & Co, Zhihua temple was no surprise and it looked very familiar. However if you don´t like crowds that you may encounter when visiting the Lama Temple & Co, Zhihua temple is the place to be.

Zhihua Temple




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