Ming Tombs

My third sightseeing mission of Beijing was reserved for Ming Tombs that are situated in the valley of Jundu Mountains. I expected that these tombs are somehow located in a compact way that would enable me to see them all just by walking from one sight to another. However, tombs itself are kilometres far one from another and actually not all of them are even opened to the public.

Map of Ming Tombs Area

I went there with local bus and I went out on the wrong station that seemed right according to my map on the phone. The place where I got off lead me to some local bus terminal where nobody spoke English and the only way to get some directions was to use some online translating tool that did not work best as you can see on the photo bellow.

What happens when you use Chinese-English online translation


However, eventually I managed to get back on the track, actually I went back to the sacred way which is a path full of stone sculptures of animals and warriors that is built in the direction of Ming Tombs.  It is really nice to walk this path but it does not lead you directly to the tombs so for them you still need to got few km further, which I did with a bus.

Sacred Path


As I mentioned, tombs itself are actually collection of (temple like) mausoleums dispersed in the valley and I decided to visit the one called Changling. The other famous tomb near this one is called Dingling and is also accessible with public transport.



When I arrived there, the architecture of the place was very similar to the one I already experienced within the Forbidden City and Lama Temple. However, the scenery panorama of the mountains that surround it, made all the difference. As I read later, the location of the tombs was  well planned according to Feng Shui principles but I must admit that even without knowing it, this place seemed like a perfect spot for final rest. Actually it was a great place for any rest; after the Beijing smog and hassle, a view to green mountains and fresh air were like a relaxing wellness package for me.

View to Mountains

Practical Info: Entrance Fee for Sacred Way: 30 RMB (April 2017)

Entrance Fee for Changling Tomb: 45 RMB (April 2017)

Transport: One of the options is to take the pink Changping subway line till Changping Dongguan Station and from there a bus 314 to station called Changling (one stop before Dingling), the Sacred Way station is app. 4 stops before


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